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Setting the standard in protective glass partition walls for retail and office spaces in New Orleans.

Glass partitions help protect employees and customers from exposure to respiratory droplets that cause Covid-19, and Standard Glass & Mirror provides the most comprehensive catalog of quality custom and low-cost pre-fabricated glass room dividers for workplace protection in New Orleans.

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Standard Glass’ vast array of protective glass partition configurations make it easy to disinfect your workspaces, increasing efficiency, safety, and your customers’ peace of mind. Glass is a superior surface barrier because it’s easy to clean and won’t scratch, discolor, or degrade like acrylic or polycarbonate when repeatedly exposed to cleaning agents.

Featuring advanced nanotechnology, Standard Glass’ glass room dividers are the premium workplace protectant for employees and customers. These configurable shields are available in custom and standard fabricated sizes that can be customized by size, cut-out, and configuration.

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