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What makes Standard Glass different from other local glass companies?

Standard Glass is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and all of our installers are fully credentialed. Standard’s professional techs are always presentable and polite. We never use subcontractors, and our techs always lay down protective floor covering and clean up before wrapping a job. We don’t shrink away from tough installs and we have a reputation for being fearless in the face of the toughest challenges. In other words, our local, family-owned company has set the standard for glass and mirror installations in New Orleans since 1915.

Frameless Showers

Can Standard Glass remove my existing shower?

Yes. Prior to installing your new frameless shower glass, Standard can remove any existing shower glass panels and frames from your bathroom, for an additional fee. Please note, Standard Glass will not remove or install shower trays or bathtubs.

What measurements do you need from me?

If you would like a rough price on a shower, you can call in a rough size of your opening. We would prefer to give rough pricing in advance if your shower is not tiled and grouted yet, as we can’t take our precise measurements until this happens. If you’d prefer not to, we are able to visit the site and provide a consultation, in which case you would need to provide no measurements. Typically, a rough price provided prior to tile being completed won’t change much once the shower is ready to be measured exactly. If we’re hired to install a shower, we will take full responsibility for the fit and finish of the work.

How long does it take to fabricate and install my frameless shower door or enclosure?

Once the proper measurements have been taken by our pros, the glass will generally arrive completed at our shop in around 7-10 business days. Standard Glass can install your new glass shortly thereafter, typically. A three-panel frameless shower door installation takes about 3-4 hours, while a frameless shower door can usually be installed in under 2 hours.

Can I install the frameless shower glass myself?

No. It is far too dangerous for frameless glass to be installed by anyone but a highly trained professional with the right tools for the job. It is extremely dangerous to use a frameless shower that hasn’t been properly installed. Standard’s techs use professional glazing tools, including CAD software that ensures structural soundness of every unit we install. Standard’s techs also carefully track changing safety codes as well as height and weight limitation of the installation hardware.

Why do frameless shower quotes vary so much?

Standard Glass has a price-match guarantee, so if you bring us a quote that’s lower for the same specifications, we’ll match it. That said, here are the biggest reasons for price differences:

Glass thickness: The two most common sizes are 3/8” and 1/2” glass. Specific applications call for different thicknesses. We always make sure to install the proper glass thickness.

Metal clips/U-channels:  True frameless showers are installed with 2-inch metal clips that are drilled through the glass. The U-channels are less expensive and require fewer cutouts. We’ve found that this is a common cause for discrepancies between our quotes and others’.

Glass type: Variances in patterned or tinted glass types can result in price differences.

Glass coatings:  EnduroShield coating offered by Standard Glass makes your shower stain resistant and easier to clean, but comes with an additional cost (and a 5-year warranty). This is typically on every shower quote we send as an option unless you expressly state in advance that you do not want it.

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